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What is an Unlimited Fast Pass membership?

Members select a wash level for unlimited car washes each month at one low rate! Unlimited plans are charged to the member’s credit card on the anniversary date each month, with NO contracts or obligations. Members can cancel at any time. (Please allow 7 days to process)
Your membership is valid at any participating Raceway Car Wash location Raceway Car Wash location

How does the Unlimited Fast Pass membership work?

Members sign up and receive a Fast Pass tag that is applied to their front windshield by a Raceway team member. To receive a car wash, members drive up to a Fast Pass lane where their “RFID” tag is read and the gate is opened. Fast, easy, fun! Come as many times as you like throughout the month!

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Cancel?

You can cancel anytime! Just come in to the site that the membership was purchased from and sign a cancellation form or use the form below.

Can the sticker be moved to other cars?

The Fast Pass is per vehicle. A sticker goes on the windshield and cannot be transferred to separate vehicles.

What if I have several cars?

We offer second car discounts! Ask a Raceway attendant about how to add a second car!

Can I use a debit card?

Yes, we accept debit cards that work like a credit card and we accept credit cards.

Need to cancel FastPass?

Please fill out the form below to cancel your fast pass.